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Our roastery is now open to sample or taste our coffee and purchase products at your convenience.We also encouraged that you purchase our products at your local grocery stores. Thank you!!

If you don't see us open for roasting, please send us a text message or drop call for a visit appointment 503-881-9225

Address: 1793 Silverton Rd. NE,  Suite 130 Salem, OR 97301 

Holiday Package is available upon your request please send us a message


Benae Buell

I absolutely love Bon Mua Oregon Coffee, this is a small family run business ran by a wonderful family. They make small batch, hand sorted coffee which has complex rich notes and a beautiful smooth finish. Their coffee is truly delicious, I love the dark roast which is perfectly roasted and never bitter.


Preston Williams

My wife and I love everything about this coffee and the story and people behind it.


Jennifer Alvary

I LOVE this coffee! I have been hooked for years. I get the light roast, which is absolutely amazing! The beans are perfectly roasted so there is never a burnt or bitter taste. They company is great and the family has been fantastic with all of my orders. You will not be disappointed!


Live the depth of flavor in their delicious coffee!

Emily Meyerhofer

Excellent flavor with a vert nice smooth finish.

Audrey Meyerhofer

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