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Our CoffEE

Green Coffee Beans

We are honored to share with you the product of our family's passion, love, and dedication after 40 years of growing coffee in Vietnam. Our coffee is sourced directly from the family owned and operated farms in Southwest Vietnam. As we grow and expand, we are incorporating our relatives and small coffee farmers in our neighborhood within Lam Dong province to continue bring you the top quality specialty Arabica from Vietnam. We offer wholesale Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee beans. We hope that you will find every sip of our coffee enjoyable!


Roasted Coffee 

Our Single Origin Arabica coffee beans are roasted weekly in Oregon's Willamette Valley, and complete all packaging in Salem. We offer Light, Medium, Dark roast, Sweet Blend and French Roast which create distinct flavors for your brewed coffee. 

Single Origin Coffee

We introduced to you coffee from a single region without blending with other coffee regions. We are extremely careful and particular about our harvest process. Only the ripest berries are selected and processed for our raw beans. Thus our coffee has a distinctive full-body character and is nuanced in its flavors. Bon Mua Oregon Coffee is produced from ripe berries. This is the best way we can protect the quality of our coffee and ensure that the beans are free from unknown substances or chemicals. As a result of this attention to detail, you will enjoy every cup of Bon Mua Oregon Coffee. You can actually see, smell, and taste its quality!

Specialty Coffee Varieties 


Typica is considered the original variety from which all other varieties have mutated or been genetically selected. The Typica was harvested by the Dutch around the world for commercial production. The fruit of Typica are red and have a relatively small yield compared to other varieties. It grows extensively in many different parts of the world, where it is also known by several different names including Criollo, Kona, and Arabigo, but it is especially popular in Asia. Typica is capable of producing excellent cup quality. 



Bourbon is an adaption of the Typica variety, which happened on the island of Reunion (at the time called Bourbon). It produces fruit of various colors: red, yellow, and occasionally orange. Bourbon grew quite popular in the past, but it was replaced by higher yield varieties. Due to the slower market, it came be sold at a high price compared with newer varieties. Bourbon provides distinctive sweetness and that is one of the main reasons it is valued. 

Arabica Coffee 

Our Arabica coffee beans are rare in being grown exclusively at an average elevation of 1550 meters (5200 Ft) above sea level. All of our Arabica beans are of Typica variety. These beans offer the sweetness, caramel tones, and roasted nut coffee character that you can only attain through single-origin beans.

Robusta Coffee 

Our Robusta and Robusta Peaberry coffee is hand-picked. Each harvest, majority robusta beans are sun-dried naturally, which allows for optimal air circulation during the drying. However, nowadays with the available of wet processing machines, it can be gone through the fully wash process depanding on the weather from each harvest season. We selected the best coffee berries from the rest of the harvest adds an additional layer of time and complexity. This results in the very dense, uniform, and wonderfully consistent coffee.




In the 9th century, a goat keeper named Kaldi was sitting atop a hill watching his goats. He saw that his goats were behaving unusually active. As he approached, he realized that they had been feeding on a small red berry from a neighboring tree. He risked trying a few himself and soon became equally active and energetic.

Thinking that he had just experienced a miracle, the goat keeper hurried to show the monk at his monastery. The monk was suspicious and scared by Kaldi's revelation and quickly threw the small red fruits into a fiery stove. A wonderful aroma later erupted from the oven! This was considered “A Gift From God.”

Quickly, coffee became popular among many cultures of the time. Powdered coffee was used in preserving foods and was also mixed with hot water to create a stimulating beverage. Coffee spread throughout Asia and Europe and has been a mainstay throughout civilization ever since.

The Legend of CoffEE
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Naomi Inamori

Love, love, love Bon Mua coffee! It’s super smooth and not acidic like other coffees. I wish it was available in all grocery stores, but glad they sell online too. Today I made some cashew milk with cinnamon and added that to the sweet blend Bon Mua coffee with some sugar, and it was sooo good!


 Libby Head

The coffee is an excellent quality and sourced in an extremely conscientious way. Wonderful people at this business and glad they're part of our local scene!


 Eliza Goehl

This is a wonderful family and company ! Their sweet blend coffee and their peppercorns are my absolute favorite!!

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