Our Black Pepper
Black Pepper

Within the last five to seven years, we have cooperated in growing black pepper within our coffee farms. Through meticulous care, we have maintained the farms’ health, which has led to greater success for our farms and production. This collaboration of art and science allows for a sustainable operation. Our farms are 100% environmentally friendly, and we treat the land with utmost respect. Our black pepper presents a very consistent, fresh, and flavorful spice. The black pepper is hand harvested, stimulation washed, and naturally sun dried in our family yards, before it is shipped directly to Salem, Oregon, where we complete the packaging process. This results in a special product that you will enjoy tasting.

From our farm to You

Our philosophy is to find passion in the growing process and in our customer service. For years we have been cultivating natural growing methods that result in a bright and flavorful peppercorn. We use no artificial chemicals and utilize natural systems in our farming process, resulting in a safe and friendly ecological balance.

ground black pepper
100% Satisfaction

We are committed to bringing you the best peppercorns from our family farms. We always do our best to bring consistency and quality from our home to yours. 

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1460 Standish Ct. SE

Salem, OR 97302

Tel: 1.503.881.9225


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