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Bon Mua Scholarships

Thank you for your continued support, trust, and loyalty. It is because of you that we were able to achieve incredible results in 2017 and to begin our Scholarship Foundation in 2018. As a family-owned and operated business, we remain focused on delivering products that are exceptional and of the highest quality. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others, and we measure our success through a number of metrics, including customer satisfaction, customer growth, sustainable farming, community service, and staff satisfaction. Being a part of the Bon Mua Oregon community empowers us to build stronger community ties through engagement and sharing. In 2017, Bon Mua Oregon shared our dollars, products, and time with local schools, research centers, and charities in Oregon.


We believe that all students should have access to a strong education. We also believe that inclusive communities enable children to access the tools they need in order to learn, be healthy, and succeed. Bon Mua Oregon is committed to building strong relationships with local schools and non-profit organizations in Oregon and the larger Pacific Northwest in order to help young students achieve success in their education. In 2017, Bon Mua Oregon had the opportunity to join the Salem Chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) in its efforts to generate funds and celebrate the advancement of women at its annual Auction Dinner. The funds we helped to generate promote the education of women through scholarships, grants, awards, and loans; by extension, we seek to help women achieve their highest aspirations.


We believe that in order for our community to thrive, our future customers need to be able to live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible. Children are our future. When kids are healthy, so too are our communities. Every child should be well cared for and given the opportunity to access the most innovative care and treatment possible. From its beginning, Bon Mua Oregon has been dedicated to funding the Cancer Research Center, which seeks new cures and aims to improve health care for children and families.


Bon Mua Oregon has contributed products as well as volunteers to Marion and Polk Counties. We have also serve the larger Portland and Metro areas in the same capacity. Our communities’ most immediate needs include removing access barriers and ensuring that children and families have access to food, shelter, and safety —all things that people need in order to learn, grow, and thrive.


Each cup of coffee that we share with you comes from our staff members who not only work hard to learn and maintain positive aspects of organic farming, but who are also dedicated in their support for our farming staff members and children’s desire to be healthy and happy. Throughout the years, Bon Mua Oregon has contributed to the housing and living expenses of our farming workers.


In 2018, we want to maintain our engagement in the community. We want to continue in our pursuit to help more people and make our community a better place. To that end, we have established an Education Fund in order to fund students and families who may be in need in the future. Thank you again for continuing to trust, support, and enjoy our products as we continue to share our passion and appreciation for growing coffee these past 40 years.


Lan Marberry

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As a small family owned business, we are dedicated to helping our community in any possible way. when the With great pride it is our sincere desire to understand your needs and the needs of the families in our community. This year we have been able to share some funding and products to the local non-profit organizations such as The United Way, Marion-Polk County Food Share, Mill City Emergency Food Pantry & Individual scholarship recipients in 2020. We are continuing carry on our desire and hope to operate our business in meaningful ways. We are grateful for all of your support and work to help us fulfill our dream and making our community a better place. 

Warmest & Love,
Bon Mua Coffee 

At dawn on the first Sunday of 2022, we decided to head to North Salem and see our friend Mike a homeless man who we have supported and connected with over the past 6 years.

Mike is in his 70’s and he has lived on the streets around NE Portland Rd. in Salem, Oregon together with his friends. Mike has accepted our help with food, clothing and self care support, but he refused to get help with shelter and housing as he states that he is more comfortable to live on the street and forest. We feel that when we can share to reduce the challenges for the vulnerable population, it satisfies our hearts. In 2021 wrapped up with a few more challenges than normal but we are thankful that we are able to share what we can with those that are in need of our assistance.

Along with support for the homeless, we continue working with Marion and Polk Food Share to provide coffee and gift baskets for auction during their Chefs Night Out event, to help raise funds to support the community. 

In the past year, we have also contributed funds toward Oregon families with low income to help provide holiday meals while they were facing difficult times. 

Encouraging children to learn and develop a healthy mindset, we shared our funding toward music programs in the Salem Keizer public schools as well as local children’s theater programs.

We could not accomplish all of these rewards without you. A sincere Thank you to all of you for being a part of making our lives meaningful.

Thank you for your continued support of our products and services.

Cheers for 2022 !


Bon Mua Coffee Family

“The best coffee and the most amazing people, what else can you ask for?."
"Bon Mua Oregon is a company passionate about helping others. They strive in not only providing great service but also supporting their community. Bon Mua Oregon has an amazing team who always ensure to respond quickly and efficiently to all inquiries. I had the pleasure of working with Bon Mua Oregon and they are extremely kind, helpful, and I am so grateful for their time and resources. Bon Mua Oregon thank you for your great service, for being so kind, and for all that you do for our community."
"By far the best coffee around! The owners are lovely and the customer service is top notch! Highly recommend!"
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