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Farmer Partners

At Bon Mua Coffee Roasters, our farmer relationships are at the heart of our craft. We work directly with passionate growers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Through these partnerships, we ensure that every bean is ethically sourced, carefully nurtured, and expertly roasted. It's these strong connections that allow us to bring you the finest coffees, from farm to cup, with great integrity.

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Letter From Our Specialty Coffee Supplier  to Us Who Have Worked Directly With Coffee Famers

Optimizing the Future with High-Quality Specialty Coffee Production in Daklak


   Established in 2020 and comprised of 10 members with over 30 hectares of farmland, the Sustainable Agriculture Cooperative of Chưkbo (SAC Chưkbo) has overcome initial challenges to carve its own path, significantly benefiting its members and the local community. The cooperative was initiated with the goal of creating a clean raw material area and guiding local farmers towards safe agricultural practices. As part of this initiative, members are trained in advanced agricultural techniques and are connected with fertilizer and pesticide companies to both support costs and control the quality of agricultural inputs used in farming.

In addition to fostering clean raw material zones, in 2021, SAC Chưkbo established a research facility for the production of high-quality coffee, selecting 100% ripe coffee beans from associated households to process using high-quality procedures, including both natural and honey methods.

Mr. Hoàng Đoàn, the Director of SAC Chưkbo, expressed his insights into the high demand for quality coffee in the market. He noted the significant loss in yield and lower prices associated with harvesting unripe coffee beans. Motivated by this, he embarked on research and production of high-quality coffee to shift the traditional farming mindset and improve local incomes.


Recently, Mr. Đoàn piloted a mold-fermented coffee product, utilizing a process transferred from an agricultural officer in Hanoi. This innovative process involves using ripe, clean coffee beans, which are then fermented with mold imported from Japan, leading to a product that is expected to sell for about 300,000 VND/kg, significantly higher than regular coffee prices.

"Expanding Horizons with Bon Mua Oregon: Vietnamese Specialty Coffee Breaks into the US Market

In an impressive stride towards global recognition, Vietnamese specialty coffee has made its mark on the discerning US market, thanks to the invaluable support from Bon Mua Oregon. This collaboration has not only opened doors for Vietnamese coffee in one of the world's most competitive markets but has also set a precedent for the quality and uniqueness that Vietnam's coffee sector can offer.


Bon Mua Oregon, a pivotal player with deep roots in both the US and Vietnam, has facilitated this breakthrough by leveraging its comprehensive understanding of market demands, regulatory requirements, and quality standards expected by American consumers. Their expertise in navigating the complexities of international trade has been instrumental in introducing Vietnam's rich coffee culture and exceptional beans to American coffee enthusiasts.

This partnership underscores a strategic approach to market expansion, focusing on the rich, distinctive flavors of Vietnamese coffee that cater to the growing trend of specialty coffee consumption in the US. By emphasizing the unique profiles of beans sourced from regions like Daklak, and through storytelling that highlights the tradition, sustainability, and craftsmanship behind Vietnamese coffee production, Bon Mua Oregon has helped carve a niche for these products.

Moreover, the collaboration has been pivotal in ensuring that Vietnamese coffee farmers and cooperatives like SAC Chưkbo receive fair compensation, recognition, and sustainable market access. This not only boosts the economic prospects of local communities but also promotes environmentally responsible farming practices that are crucial for long-term success in the specialty coffee market.


The venture into the US market, facilitated by Bon Mua Oregon, is a testament to the potential of Vietnamese specialty coffee on the global stage. It reflects a growing trend towards international cooperation, quality improvement, and market diversification that promises to elevate Vietnam's status as a leading coffee exporter, renowned not just for its quantity but, more importantly, for its unmatched quality and flavor profiles that appeal to global palettes. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Vietnamese coffee, paving the way for further expansion and success in international markets."

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