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Benae Buell

I absolutely love Bon Mua Oregon Coffee, this is a small family run business ran by a wonderful family. They make small batch, hand sorted coffee which has complex rich notes and a beautiful smooth finish. Their coffee is truly delicious, I love the dark roast which is perfectly roasted and never bitter.


Deevon Jano

I can’t say enough how much I love their coffee. Sweet blend is my personal favorite. First coffee I can drink as is. I’ve also met Lan and she is the sweetest lady you could ever meet, she’s so kind and has such a big heart for the community! I hope that we all can continue to support Bon Mua Oregon! Can’t wait for more people to try their awesome products! ?


Daisy Chavez

Bon Mua Oregon is a company passionate about helping others. They strive in not only providing great service but also supporting their community. Bon Mua Oregon has an amazing team who always ensure to respond quickly and efficiently to all inquiries. I had the pleasure of working with Bon Mua Oregon and they are extremely kind, helpful, and I am so grateful for their time and resources. Bon Mua Oregon thank you for your great service, for being so kind, and for all that you do for our community.

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