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Charitable and Community Partners

At Bon Mua Coffee Roasters, we cherish the vibrant tapestry of community that surrounds us. We extend our deepest gratitude to the charities and community partners who stand alongside us in making a difference. Your tireless efforts to uplift and support those in need inspire us daily.

Community is the heartbeat of our mission, and we are honored to contribute to its warmth and strength. 

Thank you for being the pillars of our shared journey towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.


St.Joseph Medical Center 

American Food Bank

Marion and Folk County Foodshare

Schools of Salem Keizer school districts 

People of Philanthropy 

Catholic Community Services

The St. Joseph Family Shelter 

Mission Benedict Food

Clothing Pantry

Seattle Food Bank

Kitsap County Foodbank

King County Food Bank

Pierce County Foodbank

Burnside Shelter 

Independent Chess Club

Ukraine IN Oregon

Hillsboro Library 

Deschutes County Foodbank

50 Plus Center 

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