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Sweet Blend-Chemex

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"Delicious coffee! If you’re looking to support local while also enjoying amazing coffee, check out Bon Mua Oregon! Wonderful experience— will definitely be back."

- Amira Tilgner

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"I love everything about this coffee and the story. It's so delicious. Treat yourself to this wonderful coffee!"

          Natalia Hamalainen

"Bon Mua is our favorite coffee. We like their light roast french pressed. We also enjoy their wonderfully flavorful peppercorn—if you haven’t tried it yet check it out! The family members that are the heart and soul of Bon Mua Oregon are wonderful people who do good works in their community. I highly recommend their products!"

 Curtis Eivers
"Amazing coffee made by great people!"

        Micah “Mr. Dr. Prof.” Volpe

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