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Specialty Rice

Bon Mua deeply appreciates your continued support as we expand our offerings. We are excited to present our delicious, aromatic Premium White Jasmine and Sweet Sticky Rice, cultivated naturally and sustainably in Vietnam. Our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility ensures that you receive rice of the highest caliber while supporting sustainable farming practices. We extend our sincerest gratitude for your continued support as we strive to provide you with premium rice varieties.

From Our Hearts to You:
The Story of Rice

Rice is one of the most significant elements in our family meals. It not
only offers wonderful nutrition but also represents the beauty of
farming culture. Having the experience of growing up on a farm, Lan
Marberry worked tirelessly to grow, care, and harvest rice, but she also
has a deep appreciation with the beauty of rice through its fragrance,
taste, and presentation. 

As Lan gets older, she takes honor in her path of hard work and
perseverance to make life valuable, and our community to become a
better place. Lan always asks what if tomorrow doesn’t come? Her
answer is that we don’t have to wait until tomorrow; today is the day
that we can do everything we are capable of doing, for our loved ones
and our community that we share.

By sharing this aromatic, pure, natural gourmet rice, she hopes that you
create joyful relationships and share love in each rice bowl with your
families, friends, and community. 
Here are some images from Lan’s visit to the rice field in front of her
childhood home. 
It is a very first time she introduced her now husband John Marberry to
her village.


Two decades ago, John Marberry, a firefighter from the U.S, visited Lan's childhood home in the Hoa An Village of Daklak, Southwest Vietnam. There, he had the memorable experience of witnessing rice cutting in front of Lan's family home. This cherished memory has accompanied and enriched his journey ever since. Today, we are excited to share some images of these special moments with you.


Premium Jasmine Gourmet Rice

Introducing our exquisite Premium White Jasmine Rice, meticulously cultivated. Delicately fragrant and impeccably aromatic our Jasmine Rice comes from our hearts to you to bring you an exceptional experience.

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Sweet Sticky Rice

Introducing our very delicious Sweet Sticky Rice! With its naturally sweet flavor and sticky consistency, this premium rice variety is perfect for a wide range of culinary delights, including the revered mango sticky rice. 

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