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Having the oppotunity to share our family's coffee story with you through these past years has been a great pleasure  and we have also been so touched by many inspirational stories from other coffee growers elsewhere. For this reason, we have decided to expand our coffee categories in the near future to other regions of the world. 

At each every step of our journey, we have been deeply grateful to you for continuing to support us in connecting delicious coffee blends from harmonious coffee famers around the world to your  coffee cup.

Thank you!



Laurel Glenn

I LOVE Bon Mua's coffee. Their medium roast in particular is my favorite. It's smooth, drinkable, and has an amazing taste. I also love how they support the local community, nonprofits, and education. Great coffee and great values. I would recommend them to anyone.


Liz Benedick

The best coffee and the most amazing people, what else can you ask for?


Randell T


Bon Mua coffee is EXCELLENT. We were introduced to it while traveling in Oregon a few years ago and it is without a doubt the best Vietnamese craft coffee we've ever tasted. Many thanks to Lan and her family for producing such a wonderful coffee.

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